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2024    Sensing & (Not) Seeing with Sabine Prazer (AT)
2024    Contemporary Street with RubberLegz (AT)

2024    Dark Clown by Peta Lily (UK)
2024    Activist Clown Weekend with Robyn Hambrook (UK) 
2024    Contemporary Acrobatics with Yotam Peled (DE)
2024    Sculpting the im/material with Hannah Schillinger (DE)
2024    Clowning Intensive Week with Neslihan Arol (DE)
2024    Gaga & Methodika with Yaniv Avraham (DE)
2023    BioDynamik with Ruzbeh Mirmoayedi (DE)
2023    Dynamic Dramaturgy with Kenji Takagi (AT)
2023    Contemporary Dance with Heidi Weiss (DE)
2023    Residency Arvo Pärt Center (EE)
2022    Butoh Performance Class (DE)
2022    Saying NO to Sexual Misconduct (DE)
2021    Butoh Intensive Weekend (DE)
2020    Critical Mascuilinity, Rosa-Luxemburg-Stifung (DE)
2019    WIM HOF Fundamental Course (DE)
2019    Performance Training with Ute Faust (DE)

Further Training & Experience
Gaga, Contemporary Dance, Contact Improvisation, Butoh..
Directing and production design for various theater and film projects

Theater pedagogy BuT®  with intercultural competence

2019 - 2022
Master of Arts in Philosophy
Goehte University Frankfurt am Main
Fokus on Aesthetics, body concepts and conception of hope

2015 - 2018
Bachelor of Science in Geography & Philosophy
Martin Luther University Halle Wittenberg