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I share a lot of my music, thoughts, poems, photographs, videos, dance and ideas. It's all about exploring the truthfulness of a moment, the emptiness and silence it takes and liveliness. This is really what interests me the most and I research it in every way possible. That's what I share with you, so I'm pleased that you found your way to me here.

In my theater courses, I try to make this possible - to discover truthfulness using theater techniques, improvisation, clowning and physical theater.
We don't have to perform or to do a lot to feel alive. Not to run after anything, not to dwell on the past or think about the future. Aliveness can be in any moments. It is a way of seeing, hearing and smelling. It is a way of living.

The music I play, is me, it's not just music, it's my world and my way of living. I try to reflect in my music an attitude to life, one that doesn't need anything to exist, it's the sound in one moment, maybe there's a next one, maybe it's the last one. My music is the setting of abundance and nothingness at the same time. I want to show what life can be, in a simple way and what wealth lies within it.My music embodies a reverent attitude towards the world. This is the only way to experience the whole overwhelming beauty of nature and life. A rustling leaf,  rays of sunbeams, moments with friends, a book, a coffee, bread in the oven, a smell, a thunderstorm passing by. Moments like this can only be perceived and truly enjoyed by those who turn to the world with reverence and do not subject nature to technical access. The greed for profit only leads to devastated landscapes.

Live, breathe, carry on, be alive.

    Weber & Alcantu
Humming & Stone
audio mol

I live regeneratively, which means that it is natural for me to share what I do with everyone, freely available. I don't need much for everyday life. But a little, for food, a few train tickets or material.
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