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About me 
My name is Lorenz Weber (31). I was born and grew up in Germany. On the poverty line, on the fringes of society - in a prefab housing project. No money for new clothes, school supplies or school trips. My father spent years in prison and remained a criminal even afterward. My mother died early and then I was born - with myself and my past and my future. I worked the night in kitchen as a chef, gutted entire buildings on construction sites, worked as a gardene and in a supermarket. At some point I had the opportunity to study philosophy, later in my Master's degree I was able to deepen this and was even supported by a scholarship. Within these years I paved my very own path to art. I taught myself the piano, went dancing, exercise a lot in martial arts, butoh, contact improvisation, circus, theater, performances...  

Since then I have dedicated my life to exploring improvisation, silence, time and simplicity. 

I am currently working on the following projects

Fairytale book: "The Blacksmith"
A blacksmith who collects the tears of this world to build treasure chests from them.

Solo performance: "NEMO"
I combine dance with clowning to address the issue of my social advancement and to process its complex emotional world

Laboratory: "heimfinden"
I found a Laboratory for researching silence and emptiness in performing arts

I am also part of the performance project "Zeitwerk", performs as a musician , and found various music projects "audio mol", W/A and Humming & Stone 

The music I play, is me, it's not just music, it's my world and my way of living. I try to reflect in my music an attitude to life, one that doesn't need anything to exist, it's the sound in one moment, maybe there's a next one, maybe it's the last one. My music is the setting of abundance and nothingness at the same time. I want to show what life can be, in a simple way and what wealth lies within it. My music embodies a reverent attitude towards the world. This is the only way to experience the whole overwhelming beauty of nature and life. A rustling leaf,  rays of sunbeams, moments with friends, a book, a coffee, bread in the oven, a smell, a thunderstorm passing by. Moments like this can only be perceived and truly enjoyed by those who turn to the world with reverence and do not subject nature to technical access. The greed for profit only leads to devastated landscapes.

Live, breathe, carry on, be alive.


I live regeneratively, which means that it is natural for me to share what I do with everyone, freely available. I don't need much for everyday life. But a little, for food, a few train tickets or material.
If you would like to support me and my work, please feel free to contact me or join Patreon 


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