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Book about the momentum of metamorphosis within human existence.

This book draws out a research project, exploring the process of becoming ourself - in that overcoming ourself over and over again. Growing towards, only to leave this shape once we have arrived. To live means to move. Means constant change. Leaning into this death constantly, skinning and moving towards the unknown. And that scares the hell out of many of us. Longing for a place of certainty, of solidity, of knowing. A place of home, belonging, of unity.

| A manufactured Book
| where stories, fragments, pieces
| are bound together by weaving threads underneath
| punctuated by, and highlighted with, illustrations
| on 70 pages | 105 x 148.5 mm (4.1 x 5.8 inches)
| colorful high printed with environmentally friendly materials.
| Cover:Circle offset 320 g/m² |Paper:Circle offset 115g/m²
| includes a digital code for the album

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"Als morgens erst spät die Sonne der Nacht trotzte, hatte Blu schon früh in der Dämmerung die Fenster und Türen frei geschaufelt. Der Himmel leuchtete blau und lies den Schnee noch strahlender erscheinen. Als sie wieder ins Haus schlich, war Emi schon wach. Sie lag noch im Deckenbett, sah durchs Fenster und verlor sich in schneebedeckten Tannen. Blu sah ihre Augen, schmunzelte „Guten Morgen“, setzte Tee auf und legte neues Holz in die Öfen."

| Label: Weber & Alcantu 
| Audio : Polaroid Notes
| Illustrations : Celina Schadow
| Text : Lorenz Weber
| Handcrafting : mal vertieft
| Duration : 40 min
| Date : December 01, 2020

Available on Bandcamp